SNS Program too slow for a nerve agent or organophosphate incident.  

Use for weaponized or improvised (e.g., pesticides) nerve agents, or accidental releases

Federal asset

Deployable anywhere, in our region, or throughout the US

Containers can be pre-positioned for special events 


Currently, only antidotes for Nerve Agents/organophosphate poisons

MAY (probably not) add cyanide antidotes, anti-RDD agents, chelating agents (e.g., BAL) in the (distant) future

Same drugs in both Hospital & EMS containers 

EMS containers have higher % of drugs in auto-injector form, and lower % in draw-up vials

Hospital containers have the reverse

Only three drugs:




NO drugs at present for Cyanide, or any other chemical incident

No vaccines or drugs for bio incidents

West Central Ohio CHEMPACK Preparations

All EMS personnel trained on WMD Autoinjectors

Covered in EMS Standing Orders

Pre-discussion of “antidote-free” orders for MCI

CHEMPACK Points of Contact

1-866-599-LERP. LERP will:

Contact nearest CHEMPACK hospital 

Contact OSP (or other LE) for transport 

West Central Ohio Region told to also call (937) 333-USAR (Regional Rescue Coordination Center) located at DFD CAD.  333-USAR will:

Make additional notifications

Provide rapid antidotes

Other assistance as needed


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