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Federal Metropolitan Medical Response System


       The MMRS Program was created in 1996, in response to the Tokyo mass transit Sarin gas attack by Aum Shinrikyo and the domestic terrorist bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Buildingin Oklahoma City, both having occurred in 1995.


       The Metropolitan Medical Response System (MMRS) program assists highly populated jurisdictions (124 through FY 2003) to develop plans, conduct training and exercises, and acquire pharmaceuticals and personal protective equipment, to achieve the enhanced capability necessary to respond to a mass casualty event caused by a WMD terrorist act. This assistance supports the jurisdictions' activities to increase their response capabilities during the first hours crucial to lifesaving and population protection, with their own resources, until significant external assistance can arrive.


       Gaining these capabilities also increases the preparedness of the jurisdictions for a mass casualty event caused by an incident involving hazardous materials, an epidemic disease outbreak, or a natural disaster. MMRS fosters an integrated, coordinated approach to medical response planning and operations, as well as medical incident management at the local level.